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Create an awesome landing page for your site that converts visitors into sale

About Our WordPress Landing Page Creation Service

To get all the benefits from a landing page, you’ll need an efficient one. Besides increasing sales, a landing page helps you to enhance trust in your potential customers. So, your website should have attractive landing page that can communicate with your visitors effectively so that they depend on you.

That’s what our WordPress Landing Page Creation Service does. Our team of efficient WordPress designers and developers works hard to bring out an awesome landing page for you. With the help of a long time experience, they build attractive and informative landing pages that can increase sales.

Our WordPress Landing Page Creation service is designed to meet your need of increasing the sales. So, if you want a boost in your sales and gather trust of your target customers, knock us for that. We’ll make landing page for you that work.

Our Packages

Our WordPress Landing Page Creation Service is divided into a few packages. The packages are designed to fulfil different types of needs of the website owners. So, you’ll find one according to your need. If you can’t select one,knock us and let us know what you want.



1 Landing Pages



4-5 Landing Pages

How Landing Pages can Help You?

As you are looking for landing page creation service, you must know the benefits of a landing page. Still we think we should remind you once so that making a quick decision becomes easy for you. Below are the ways how landing pages can help you.

No matter what is your main goal, a landing page designed for that helps you to reach that goal. If you want to gather more traffic, landing page can help you. If you need to generate more sales, landing page will help you. If you want to communicate a specific message, a landing page helps you.

Landing pages help you to stay focused to a specific point. When the visitors see that the whole thing is designed clearly without creating any confusion, they understand that you are focused to provide the best service to them. As a result, the credibility of your website increases.

database with a lot of information. You can also collect e-mails of your potential customers for the purpose of e-mail marketing. Enriching your database with customers’ information allows you to design your offerings according to their need.

There are many more benefits of creating landing pages for your website.          

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Types of Landing Pages We Build

There are various types of landing pages for various purposes. We make all types of landing pages, but below are our specialities.

Our designers design PSD files that represent the interface of your website. The whole process is done through continuous communication with you so that we don’t miss a single thing. The color, design, fonts etc. are used depending on your business logo and other communication materials. So, you’re getting something that matches to your mission, vision and outlook.

This is also like lead generation landing page, but with a specific task of collecting e-mails only. It also contains a reward in exchange.Typically, the reward is a simple yet catchy thing. Collected e-mail addresses are used to send different offerings later. This is a general type of landing page that you can use for everyone who isvisiting to your site.

This landing page doesn’t collect data. Instead, it is a middleman to direct the visitors to a specific page, typically to a cart or something like this. The page design is simple- a small description of what’s next and a call-to-action button. If you want to direct your customers to a specific page at a certain time of your sales-funnel, you should choose click-through landing page.

Sales page is a type of landing page that tells a visitor to purchase your product or service. Unlike other landing pages, sales pages are complex to design with a load of information directing to a specific direction – your product or service. Designing a sales page needs proper understanding of the customers- what they need, and how they would like it? That’s why planning and designing a sales page is always critical and time-consuming.

Microsite is a kind of website which is very small in size, maybe one or two pages only. Though it is not a single page, but still it is called landing page because the purpose it serves is similar to the purpose of a landing page. A microsite is designed for a specific campaign or target. It directs the visitors to a specific page ofyour main website typically saying that the site will add more value.

This is the simplest type of landing page that contains only a few lines and images if needed. Normally it is used to ask a simple question to your visitors before entering into the site, for example- the age of the visitor, or the language preference of them. The main purpose of it is not collecting data or something like that. It is directed to know their preference so that your site can deliver better user experience to the visitors.

There are more types of landing pages, and we can help you with all of those. So, reach us if you are looking for someone to build you a landing page for your site.

Our Process

Our WordPress landing page creating process is designed to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want. Below is the process of our landing page creation.

At the very first stage after you make the order, we communicate you to understand what in the exact reason behind creating the landing page. It helps us to determine the type of landing page and the ways of creating it. If you have any specific reference, you can show that to us too.

After we know what you want and how you want it, we start developing the page. It doesn’t take a lot of time to create the page in maximum case. We ensure that the page is light and directing the visitors to a certaindirection. Minimalistic landing pages work the best. So, we develop a minimalistic landing page that also goes with the design of your site.

When the page is final, now it is time to install the page in your site. If you can’t do this by your own, we can show you how to do it. Or, if you want, we can install it for yourself. If you can do it, we send you the codes so that you can put it in place and install the page in your site.

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Feedbacks from Our Clients

Using the landing pages designed by us, a lot of our clients have seen improvement in their sales. Also, many of them are collecting data of their target audience to design their marketing strategies. Let’s see some feedbacks from them.

Why Choose Us

When the page is final, now it is time to install the page in your site. If you can’t do this by your own, we can show you how to do it. Or, if you want, we can install it for yourself. If you can do it, we send you the codes so that you can put it in place and install the page in your site.

You need to keep the landing page clean so that it doesn’t distract the visitors. A lot of information and visual may distract them. That’s why we make a clean and easy to understand landing page which helps the visitors to stay focus on the thing for which they are in the page.

If the purpose of your landing page is collecting data, we make sure that you don’t lose a single data. A properly structured backend collects all the data accordingly and store those in a safe place. As a result, you can access the data anytime you want. We also make sure that the landing page doesn’t collapse.

The main purpose of alanding page is convincing a visitor to press the call-to-action button. In our landing pages, we make sure that we design an attractive and effective call-to-action button that attracts people.As effective call-to-action button helps you to get the maximum benefit of a landing page. We know that and that’s what we do.

Nowadays, maximum people are using a mobile device to access to the internet. That’s why your landing page must be supported by mobile phones too. We design our landing pages to be mobile-friendly so that mobile users can easily see that and take an action accordingly. Thus, you’ll get almost double response from your landing pages.

The best part of our service is on-time delivery. We are a team of dedicated people who want to deliver the best to the clients. So, no matter what type of landing page you want us to design and develop, we can do it within our promised time. So, don’t worry about serving your visitors on time. We deliver you on time so that you don’t miss anysingleinformation from your visitors.

Landing pages are designed to ensure conversion or collect data. We ensure maximum conversion with the loading pages we create. That’s why you should choose us, to get the maximum out of it.

Common Questions

Below are answers to some questions that were not answered above. Check these if you have more to know. Also, if you don’t find your answer here, feel free to knock through support chat.

Answer: If you can install the landing page in your site, we don’t need access to your site. If you have the confidence that you can do it, we’ll instruct you the whole process. However, if you want us to install the landing page in your site, we need access to your site. We’ll enter into your site backend and set everything up. We suggest letting us do this, because doing any wrong may affect your website and the visitors may face hassles to surf the site.

Answer:Typically, we don’t take a long time to create a landing page for you. We deliver a fully functioning landing page within a day, or maybe less than that. It depends on the type of landing page you want and if our developers are free or not. But, normally, we don’t take more than a day if our developers are not busy because of the workload.

Answer: Yes, you need to pay while ordering the service. We recommend paying the full amount. After we receive the payment, we start working on the project. Don’t worry. We’ll deliver the landing page according to your need. You won’t be disappointed at our service.

Answer: For landing pages, we provide after sales service with duration of 48 hours. You can knock us with any problem regarding this within 48 hours of receiving the page from us. Wethink that if there is any problem, 48 hours is enough time to detect it and reach us.

Answer: A preciously designed, perfectly placed and effectively communicating landing page surely increase the sales. To get the maximum out of it, you’ll have to place it is a proper place of your sales funnel where you have a lot of potential customers of your product or service. If you don’t do so, landing page can’t bring a huge change in your sales.