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Createan e-mail listof your visitors with our Opt-in form making service to communicate offerings in future

What is Opt-in Form?

E-mail marketing is a great way to communicate your potential customers and convert them into your customers. Besides, it has become a great tool for the spammers and hackers too. So, according to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), you need to have the consentof the target audience to whom you are sending the mails.

The opt-in form is mainly designed for that reason- to get consent of the visitors that you’ll send them e-mails that includes gifts, discounts or any other offerings related to your business. After you make sure that they’ve responded and agreed to receive the mails, you can send them offerings. Opt-in form is a great way to collect e-mail addresses of your potential customers.

An opt-in form typically includes some offer that can be sent by e-mail. There is also a space for them to submit their e-mail address. And in the end, there is a small checkbox saying that they are agreeing to receive e-mails from the same site later.

This form can be used for many other reasons too.

Our Packages

We have designed a few packages depending on what type of opt-in form you might need and what are the other things related to it. Below are the packages. Find out one that goes with your need and order now.



1  Form



4-5 Forms

Types of Opt-in Forms We Provide

Opt-in forms are of different types. We make all type of forms depending on your need. Below are several types of opt-in forms that you may need. Check these.

This is the most used opt-in form till now. It is a small light box that pops up on the screen, typically when someone enters into your site or is about to leave. Also, a pop-up opt in form can be shown after a certain time of interaction with the page. This type is typically for primary lead generation, or promotions.

This is another type of pop-up. But unlike pop-up, it covers the whole screen of the site interrupting the attention of the visitors. This seems very aggressive as it covers the whole interface. So, you need to use it carefully. Normally we suggest using site cover when the visitor is leaving the site. It can be used to showcase offers, or primary lead generation.

This is a type of opt-in form which is embedded in the post or placed on a loading page, making sure that the visitors are noticing it. It can be placed at the middle of the content, onthe page header, footer or side panels of the webpage. It is normally used for secondary lead generation. Also, you can deliver resource through it.

Floating bar is a type of opt-in form that remains floating at the top or bottom of the page. This is a great type of opt-in form that doesn’t interrupt the scrolling. But visitors are bound to be attracted to it because it is always there as long as they don’t fill it up. It is also used for secondary lead generation mainly.

The name says it all- it is a box that slides. Instead of keeping floating, the box isdesigned to slide so that it attracts the attention of the visitors. Just like floating bar, it doesn’t interrupt the scrolling. But it attracts the visitors more that the floating bars. Secondary lead generation is the main use of it.

This type of opt-in form slides in the screen in the middle of scrolling. This is designed not to cover the post or content that the visitor is going through. Instead of that, it is placed in the lower right or lower left side typically. By sliding in, it attracts the attention of the visitors without annoying them.

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How We Design the Opt-in Forms

To draw the response of the visitors, opt in forms should be attractively designed. That’s why instead of just making a form, we design those differently so that it becomes successful tograb the attention of the visitors. Below are some ways through which we make sure that the form will bring responses from the visitors.

While making an opt-in form for your site, we make sure that it matches to the outlook of your site yet stands separately to grab the attention of the visitors. We ensure that the color of the form contrasts the color of the site. Keeping the form matching to your site as well as bringing significant difference is a tough task. But if done properly, the form brings a lot of responses. We do that.

This is the main part of the whole process-

Minimalist themes have the magic to attract the people. So, we try to keep the form minimalistic. There won’t be a crowd of words or pictures, the colors will be related and everything will be layered as those should be. Though the words to put on the form will mostly be yours, we suggest not using a lot of words. This’ll irritate the visitors as they are in your site to read the article, not the form.

turning the design into a functioning website. For that, we have WordPress developing professionals who are expert in it. Our developers are in coding for a long time and they know the codes that help the site to function properly. After finalizing the design, they start working with it and make a simple, lightweight and running WordPress website to satisfy you.

The purpose of opt-in form is to quick collection of information, not driving to another page. For that, we design the form such a way so that the whole thing is finished within the form. If visitors see that the form will take them to anywhere else, more than half of them won’t response the form. This is obvious, because most of them are in the site to read the article, not to roam around.

Opt-in forms are common in every website now and most of those come in same format and design. We try to keep our opt-in forms to stand out from others so that people become interested. As the forms have a common structure, standing out mostly depends of the copy. But still, we try our best to make our forms stand different from the viewing perspective.

Feedbacks from Previous Clients

We have designed different types of opt-in forms for our clients. Below are some of the reviews from our previous clients regarding our Opt-in Form Making Service.

Why Choose Us?

Among all the service providers out there in the industry, there are some thingsthat have helped us to stand apart. That’s why you should choose us. Want to know the reasons? Below are some of the explanations for which you should pick our service.

We make sure that the service is delivered within the minimum possible time. To ensure quality, sometimes may be we need some more time than typical. But we make sure that we communicate that with you. Keeping our clients waiting for a long time is not our aim. So, after you make the order, our team members start working with it without any delay. As a result, you get it done as soon as possible.

We serve as we promise. After ordering a package, we communicate you to know what you want and how you want it to be done. Through proper discussion, we make sure that we’ve understood your expectations and you’ve understood what we’ll do. After that, we start working on the project. This helps us to deliver the service according to your need. However, if the service doesn’t meet what we’ve promised, we fix that under our after sales service.

Our service packages are designed to deliver the maximum service for what you pay. We’ve prepared the packages studying the packages of similar service providers. We’ve integrated better offerings within the similar price range. As a result, from us, you’re getting the maximum possible value for what you are spending.Seems like a good offer, right? Why won’t you choose us if you get the maximum value for your bucks?

We are a team of dedicated WordPress experts. Also, we have in-house SEO experts and web designers to support us. Together we provide all types of WordPress services at one place. So, if you come to us, you’ll get solution to all your WordPress problems under one roof. If you regularly order services from us, you’ll get a discount too. So, why won’t you come to us where you’ll get all solutions about your WordPress website, that too in a discount?

We have designed after sales service policy for all of our services. For this service, if we can’t deliver as your expectation and our communication, we’ll cover that under the after sales service policy. If you reach us with a problem within 48 hours of getting the thing done, we fix that problem so that you get the maximum out of the opt-in form.

We can describe many more reasons to take our service. But instead of telling us here, we want you to taste those through our services. Choose our service and you’ll understand those.

Common Question

Here are some of the questions that we find from our potential clients. If you have any question in mind, you can check here for the answer. Still if you don’t get an answer, knock us through support chat.

Answer:Yes, we need access to your website. Without accessing to your website, we can’t make the page for you. However, we’ll keep your information safe. Don’t worry about losing any valuable and confidential information. We protect those.

Answer:Yes, we will. After receiving the order, we talk to you about the primary aim of the opt-in form you want to install. Depending on that, we suggest a few types and discuss the pros and cons with you. You can choose one among those. We design the type you choose.

Answer:No, we don’t have money back guarantee. The number of lead you can collect depends mostly on the copy of the form and the offer you make for subscribing. The design has also a good impact, but that is not the only thing that attracts. So, we don’t guarantee money back if you don’t get expected lead. You can trychanging the offer and form copy to improve the performance.

Answer:We’ll create the form and install that in your site. Besides, we’ll show you how you can change the texts in the form so that you can try a few copies to find out which one works best. Thus you’ll get the flexibility to use your own ideas.

Answer:After choosing a package, order that and you’ll find options to make the payment. You need to make the full payment while ordering. You can pay half while putting the order and the rest before getting the work done.

Answer:Yes, we can. We will make multiple forms according to your need.Communicate us if you don’t understand the process of ordering for multiple opt-in forms.